Our story

Why we bake?It isn't work, it is love.


Christian Breton


In the eighties I worked in a traditional patisserie (cake shop) in Bandol in the South of France, followed by formal pastry cooking school in the city of Marseille. These experiences have given me a strong foundation of knowledge in the field of pastry and cake making. Since completing my training I have built on these underlying skills, bringing me to the fine cake chef I am today.

At the beginning of my training, like many trades, we spent many hours copying the masters. But later, as our skills developed, it was our turn to embark on creating some new recipes and techniques. Our ultimate aim being to please the palette of our customers, is entwined with the self-satisfaction of creating something truly unique and not available anywhere else.

It is not an easy path though, and requires long hours in the kitchen- learning what works. And more importantly, what doesn’t.

Since the 1990’s I have been creating outstanding cakes for people across Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area, and it is always a wonderful feeling to satisfy not only many customers, but also be appreciated and recognised by many peers and professionals in the cooking industry as being one of the leading <i>p√Ętissier’s</i> in the region.


The Best Cakes in the Hunter Valley

But all our cakes are made to order, so please make sure you get in touch to discuss your requirements.